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Tips for Choosing the Right Wine Glass


Whether you’re serving your guests a glass of wine with dinner or rewarding yourself with a glass at the end of the day; choosing the right glass is important.  The right glass will allow your wine to develop its full bouquet, keep your champagne the proper temperature, and promote overall better flavor.  There are a bunch of legitimate reasons for choosing the right glass, but it also makes you look like a classy individual.  Impress or shame your friends by knowing how to navigate the intricacies of bourgeoise etiquette!

For Your Wine

For Your Wine


use a glass you barbarian

use a glass you fucking barbarian

For this article, we’ll look keep it simple and stick to three types of wine glasses and why they’re important.  The three and most important glasses to know right now are: Bordeaux, Chardonnay, and flute.

Size DOES matter (something something penis joke) 


BORDEAUXWorld Market’s Bordeaux Connoisseur


Your red wines will reach they’re fullest potential in a glass like the Bordeaux.  What is important to note here is the Bordeaux has a large wide bowl for holding generous pours (4-6oz) with room to spare and allowing the aromas to expand and proper aeration.  The rim of your red wine glass should come to taper but still allow your nose to take in the full bouquet of the wine.  The tumbler glass seems to be popular right now and in my opinion be suited for a red dinner wine.  Remember: these wines are served at or near room temperature.


CHARDONNAYWorld Market’s Chardonnay


White wines call for a glass with a smaller bowl and narrower opening.  Since they are to be consumed at a temperature near 50F, the slimmer glass will allow the wine to hold its temperature and the stem will help keep your fingers from warming the wine.  Also, like the Bordeaux, you want to fill the glass no more then half in order to enjoy the full bouquet.  A White or Chardonnay glass here will do the trick.



FLUTEWorld Market’s Champagne Flute


The Champagne flute is the narrowest of the three wine glasses.  The advantage of the narrower glass is that it holds temperature and retains carbonation.  The glass will allow bubbles to travel up the glass giving it the “sparkle” and adding a touch of sophistication.  Unlike the Bordeaux and Chardonnay, the flute should be filled with 6oz, and does not not need extra room in the glass.




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11Chris Perez of Citygram Magazine

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