Irish whiskey is great.  Here, I’m returning to one of the first whiskeys I had ever drank: Tullamore Dew.  Tullamore Dew is an inexpensive and easy to find Irish whiskey.  So, if you’re looking for something unique, this probably isn’t for you.



Tullamore Dew is a straight forward Irish whiskey around 20 Dollars a bottle.  Tullamore is a solid bottle of whiskey.  It’s got a nice malty, golden color.  A lot of whiskey snobs wouldn’t even consider it, but it’s nice to just sip on.  On the nose, Tullamore starts with a fruity smell.  I’d say Banana, raisin, and of course a really strong alcohol smell.  Tullamore has a pretty distinct taste.  It’s a really sweet and smooth whiskey.  Far more straight forwardly sweet than Jameson.

I think comparing Tullamore and Jameson is pretty fair.  Both whiskey’s are Irish, triple distilled and in a similar price range, though Jameson is a tad more expensive.  The difference is markedly dissimilar. Jameson has a far more complex taste, probably due to how they age it.  Sure, Jameson has a smooth sweet taste, but it has a bit of spice underlying the sweet notes.

Tullamore Dew is the Mountain Dew of whiskey.  It’s inexpensive, common, sweet and straightforward.  It might not be top shelf and various whiskey snobs may overlook it, but it’s good.


Because of this comparison, here’s a recipe for a great (pretty gross) cocktail I just made up: the TULLAMORE DOUBLE DEW

The Tullamore Double Dew Recipe

1.5 oz Mountain Dew

1.5 oz Tullamore Dew

Garnish: Fedora

Glass: Rocks