For too long, drinking during the day has been written off as something for alcoholics or just lazy assholes, but this just a myth.  Some of the hardest working people in history drank during the day.  There’s something fundamentally great about popping open a can or bottle of beer on your lunch hour.  Maybe, it’s a small act of rebellion–a nice fuck you to your boss–or you just want a beer in the middle of the day.  Drinking a beer over lunch is a trend that needs to resurface!  The lunch beer, as I’m calling it, has some cool historical roots.

Now, You probably have some douchey beer geek friend who’s always raving about a great “session beer.”  Essentially the lunch beer has it’s history tied up with the session beer.  So, what does the beer douche mean by session beer? something really specific.  Technically, the session beer is any beer that is 5 percent ABV or under.  What’s so special about a beer with 5 percent or lower ABV? You’re going to need about 1000 to get crunk.

Historically, the session beer was a fundamental part of the day for munitions workers in WWI Britain.  During the work day, there were several “sessions” or breaks for workers.  During these sessions workers would go and drink a session beer.  Sources say that the break in work would be from 11am-3pm and 7pm-11pm.  With this in mind, the reasoning for the lower ABV becomes obvious.  Workers wanted to go drink without getting totally trashed.  It’s interesting how labor really shaped (and it continues to) the drinking habits of workers.

Modern day lunch breaks are far shorter than the sessions of WWI, but there’s still enough time to knock back a session beer.  Drinking and then going back to work might be uncouth, but who gives a shit?  Historical precedent doesn’t make something ok, but in this case it seems alright.  So, let’s revive the lunch beer!  Order a beer with your lunch, or grab one out of the fridge at home during your break.