We finally had a chance to finish the rest of Urban Chestnut!  This is part II of our review, if you haven’t already, read part I.

It was an honor to review a local and favorite brewery of ours in St. Louis.  Like we said in part I, St. Louis has become a great place for craft beer and Urban Chestnut is on the forefront of the revolutionary urban beers.  Also, check out, Urban Efforts.  This is Urban Chestnut’s program for supporting local non-for-profits.  Urban Chestnut strives for sustainable brewing methods while creating high quality beers with an emphasis on supporting the St. Louis community.

“As we endeavor to create our high-quality offerings of lagers & ales, we also strive to be respected for our actions as a business member of the St. Louis community.” – Urban Chestnut




Here are Boozeblogger’s notes for the last two Urban Chestnut beers!

Urban Chestnut Hard Wood Myth 5.5 ABV

English Style Porter


Pour:  Dark and porter in appearance, minimal head and thin lacing

Nose:  Cocoa, smokey, malty

Palate:  Sweet, toasty, oatmeal

Mouthfeel:  Medium body, smooth, chocolate

We really enjoyed this porter and would love the opportunity to have more!



Urban Chestnut Zwickel 5.2 ABV

Bavarian Style Lager


Pour:  Light golden in appearance, minimal head and little to no lacing

Nose:  Sweet, cereal, hops, fruit

Palate:  Light and clean, spice, malt, dry finish

Mouthfeel:  Light to medium body, medium carbonation, smooth

Urban Chestnut’s flagship lager, a great tasting and easy to drink beer!  This is a good introduction to a more complex lager that is unlike a mass produced Budweiser.