Crown Royal is an immensely popular, recognizable brand and the best selling Canadian whisky in the United States. This blended whisky was originally created as a tribute to King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth’s royal visit to Canada.
Crown Royal is a whisky that is blended by mixing finished whiskies and a base spirit. These whiskies are created with water that is naturally purified through limestone, natural corn, rye and barley. Next, it is perfectly blended and patiently aged in oak barrels, which contributes a smooth finish with notes of oak and vanilla.

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We received three bottles of Crown Royal for review: Crown Royal XO, Crown Royal Reserve, and their newest addition, Crown Royal Regal Apple.

The Crown Royal XO is blended with 50 whiskies and finished in cognac casks from the Limousin forest in France. This exceptional blend of Canadian whisky is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. However, it can be used to create a great Old Fashion. The XO is heavy on the nose with notes of oak, fruits, and vanilla. The palate contains notes of citrus and dried fruit and hints of barrel oak. The finish is long with hints of vanilla and spice.

The Crown Royal Reserve is another offering of Canadian blend whisky that contains a higher percentage of aged whisky compared to the blended Crown Royal flagship. I keep referring to this as the Crown Royal “Special Reserve” but they since dropped the special from the name. The nose of the Reserve has a noticeable rye spice and floral notes. The palate is light and sweet with notes of oak and vanilla. The feel of this Reserve is very mellow and smooth and finishes strong.

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The Crown Royal Regal Apple is another attempt by Crown Royal to capitalize on the growing trend that is “flavored whisky”. Crown Royal previously introduced the Crown Royal Maple and Boozeblogger found that it made a great Maple Moscow Mule! We were not sure exactly how to enjoy the Apple flavored Crown Royal. The nose is overpowering with sweet sugary Apple notes, reminiscent of a jolly rancher. There were not a lot of your typical whisky aromas. The Apple may need to be toned a bit and serve only to compliment the whisky. The taste continued with the strong sugary Apple flavor and finished with cinnamon and spice. The best way to enjoy this whisky will most likely be in the form of shots.