The Collingwood bottle, famous for it’s cologne bottle resemblance, received a recent update.  I admit the uniqueness of the bottle always piqued my interest, but the new bottle design still rivals that of the most premium spirit.

Collingwood Canadian Whisky from Brown Forman Distillers utilizes the finest Canadian grains and water from Collingwood, Ontario.  This hand crafted whisky is triple distilled and aged in white oak barrels, then receives a final mellowing.  This unique mellow finish is achieved by bringing Collingwood together in stainless steel vats with maplewood staves.  Despite the current popularity of bourbon, Collingwood Whisky and Canadian whisky blends remain a favorite among booze enthusiasts.


The maplewood mellowing process is evident in the nose of this spirit.  Among maple are also notes of caramel and butterscotch.  The body is light, but the palate is complex, sweet, and creamy.  Notes of maple, spices, and honey become apparent.  The finish lingers just enough but is quite easy to drink and the mellowness of Collingwood shines thorough this light, sweet finish.

Collingwood is an excellent member of Canadian blended whisky and one of the finest Canadian blends we’ve tried at boozeblogger.