Our friends in Congress aren’t exactly known for playing together nicely and they certainly aren’t known for working together to get a bill passed unanimously. Which is why it was rather strange when, back in 2007, every member of the then Senate agreed to pass a bill declaring every September from then on to be declared National Bourbon Heritage Month. Seriously, they spent half a day doing that, on the taxpayer’s dime.



And maybe that tells you all you need to know about bourbon. As far as many are concerned Scotch is nice, but it’s well, a bit foreign. Bourbon on the other hand, is 100% American (legally it has to be) and drinking it is almost patriotic and definitely more than a little macho.

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve seeks to take this image to the next level. This is a tough whiskey, it’s 120 proof for cripes sake, a serious tipple. Even its bottle looks serious. No fancy swirls on the label, no artfully designed logo, just a description of exactly what’s inside; a robust 9-year aged full-bodied bourbon straight out of Clermont, Kentucky that should be consumed as is, no water, no mixers, and if possible in some kind of special bourbon glass (if such a thing exists)

In terms of taste there’s a lot going on. Mint, clove, pepper and the slightest hints of vanilla and maple are the first impressions upon the first sip. It leaves a burn behind, but not one that is as overwhelming as some of the other high proof bourbons out there. In fact, it’s probably the smoothest 120 you’ll find.

To sum up, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is a serious, hearty, woodsy tipple that begs to be consumed either with like-minded tough buds along with some serious conversation or alone, somewhere dimly lit, after a very hard day at work.