You have no doubt at least heard of the farm to table culinary movement currently sweeping the nation even if you haven’t experienced it for yourself yet. But the concept extends beyond sourcing and serving the best in local produce or meats, it can now be applied to whiskeys as well, with Dry Fly Straight Triticale Whiskey serving as an excellent example.



Dry Fly Triticale Whiskey is crafted by making use of just seed variety of triticale. For those who don’t know, triticale is a hybrid of wheat and rye that was first developed in Scotland in the 1800s and brought along to America by immigrants from the Highlands in the early twentieth century. The particular strain that Dry Fly Triticale Whiskey is crafted from can boast a 117-year history of being cultivated in Eastern Washington State where the whiskey is crafted on what is billed as an ‘old family farm.’


Washington State is not exactly known as a whiskey mecca and this offering may not ever change that, but as craft whiskeys go this is certainly a great example. Presented in a simple, but stylish, straight bottle it boasts a copper-gold color in the glass that looks warm and inviting. A first taste reveals a bright burst of citrus, followed by a combination of cinnamon, caramel and even blue agave and the finish is marked by a hint of pistachio. There is a burn, but it is on the lighter side, fading quickly into a smooth sip that is satisfying for the serious whiskey drinker but not too harsh for the newbie.



Ideally, to remain in keeping with the simple nature of the farm to table movement in general Dry Fly Triticale Whiskey is best enjoyed alone, or, if you must, over a small amount of ice. Because it has such a distinctive taste, burying that in a cocktail seems like something of a shame.