3 Essential Things to Know When Using Anal Beads

With these egg-shaped anal beads you have a versatile sex toy that is suitable for beginners as well as advanced enthusiasts who like to come back. The smooth and flexible PVC material bends with your body the tapered egg shape of each anal bead ensures that they glide smoothly inside. The three Egg-shaped anal beads in a row offer plenty of room to experiment. You can first insert one bead and then seek the challenge by also penetrating the second and third beads. Just try out what you like and what you can have. The handle in the shape of a ring allows you to maneuver easily with this sex toy to achieve maximum stimulation. Properties Egg shaped anal beads: Material: PVC Color: black metallic and transparent Length: 30 cm with 21 cm insertion length Diameter:

That great sensual feeling

The tension rises. You feel that the moment is close. Then it finally comes. The climax that completes your moment. Cumming is easier, but more exciting than ever before by Master Series. Through the stimulants you bring yourself to highlights that you did not even know about. It does not matter whether you want to pamper yourself or enjoy together with your partner. It’s all possible at Master Series. This allows you to completely discharge. Or make it as exciting as possible for yourself. You do the latter, for example, by postponing the moment supreme as long as possible. Or by being pampered by your partner. Master Series is for men and women. Use it once and you never want anything else. Give yourself that ultimate climax. You can also find out What Lubricant to Use with anal beads.

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Sex has long been a big taboo. And still most people do not talk about parties and parties easily. Not to mention anal sex! Without fainting, but did you hear TanteRie claiming on her birthday that she likes to be fucked in her ass? Grandma does not survive that!

Yet it is not inconceivable that TanteRie and Uncle Rinus experiment with anal sex, because with the right stimulation the anus, one of the most important erogenous zones, can provide a pleasant and even orgasmic feeling. I write ‘with the right stimulation’, because penetrating the anus cannot hurt. For that reason, there are plenty of toys for sale that are specially designed for anal games, solo or for together with the partner, such as butt plugs, anal dildos and anal beads. I’ve written about butt plugs and dildos before, so now pay attention to the anal beads. If you’re interested, treat your butt at loveplugs with some fancy butt plugs.

Small and large anal beads

A set of 3 anal beads, a small stick for the beginner, a medium size for the go-getter and large anal beads for the experienced player. We cannot conjure up, but with these sticks you come close. Each bead starts with a small ball and ends with a large bead. When you bring the flexible stick slowly inside you will be amazed at how nice this anal stimulation is. But also retreat, slow or fast, feels sensational.

In my article Double Vibrator for vaginal and anal penetration write that research shows that women can more violently Cumming when they also stimulate anal while masturbating. This may be the reason that more and more women discover anal sex as something that is not only satisfying for their partner but also for themselves. Why men can have fun with anal toys like the anal beads I explain in detail in an article about the prostate vibrator Billy. The prostate is a small nodule that is hidden about 5 centimeters deep in the anus. This nodule can be stimulated with the finger or even better: with a special vibrator, such as the Billy, in such a way that a real orgasm is created. By practicing with the anal beads, the male G-spot, as the prostate is also called, must be stimulating.

Butt plugs are designed to be worn to develop an extra erotic sensation during sex. Usually they are inserted into the anus and remain in the anus during sex. Anal dildos or anal vibrators are generally used to manually stimulate the anus during sex or just for individual sex. You can also opt for anal vibrators that will provide extra pleasure.

Before trying butt sex, you should read this Huffingtonpost article first.

Anal necklaces or anal beads are finally inserted into the rectum and then gently pulled back out during the orgasm to provide a much stronger climax. Vaginal balls, also called Ben Wa Balls or Geisha Balls, are used to strengthen the pelvic floor, for exciting and better sex, but also recommended by doctors and obstetricians, especially after delivery.

Do you have the intention to purchase vaginal balls but do you want more information first? Below we give an answer to these questions: Why will I use them? How do they use and which balls to choose? Read the frequently asked questions below .

Why use vaginal balls?

Control over your bladder

Now that everyone has heard or read about it,  vaginal balls  or Love Balls are often used as a sex toy to improve the sex life of women. They provide a simple and effective solution to your pelvic floor – these are the muscles in your pelvis that support your organs to discover and train, so that you know how to use them in sex, but also to prevent some forms of urine loss exercises with these fun balls can prove their worth.

Improve your sex life

By training the pelvic floor, also called cone exercises, make your sex exciting, literally: You can contract the vaginal muscles better, a tighter and tightening vagina can grip the penis nicely and provides a more intense orgasm, both for women and men. Many tips can be seen in loveplugs.