Choosing the Right Lubricant for your Butt Plug

Butt plug or anal plug is in some way a sex toy that is inserted directly into the anus. Outwardly, such a device is somewhat similar to a cone, has a wide base, and the end is narrower. The task of such a toy is to stimulate nerve endings that are deep in the anus. Thanks to this stimulation, the pleasure of intimate sex becomes brighter.

You can use the plug before anal sex or during masturbation for more vivid sensations. Wearing a stopper for several hours before anal sex helps the anus to get used to a foreign object. Over time, the size and diameter of the plug must be increased. When a sufficiently large cork can be placed in the anus, without causing discomfort, you can begin to have anal sex.

The butt plug is suitable for both sexually liberated men and women especially those who watch sex films together. In addition, for men, it is a great way to massage the prostate, as prevention of impotence. As practice shows, such a device is not only sexual in nature but also has a positive effect on the health of the sexual sphere of partners. Do you know what is the best lubricant for a butt plug? You should know that too.

How to wear a butt plug?

First of all, in the opinion of sexperts it should be remembered before wearing a cork requires the presence of a lubricant or simply a lubricant. You can purchase this gel at any pharmacy. Since the anus, unlike the vagina, does not emit a natural lubricant, here before the introduction of additional moisture is required for better penetration of the plug. It is also worth noting that before using the plug it is advisable to wear a condom and apply lubricant on it. And only then begin using this device. It is possible to insert a stopper as lying on your back, placing a small pillow under your back, or on your knees, leaning slightly forward. Cork insertion should be neat and gradual, starting at the tip. Thanks to the cone-shaped plug, the sphincter muscles are completely relaxed. You can buy your butt plugs from adult sites and adult e-commerce stores.

Tips for beginners:

The first thing you should pay attention to is the size of the toy for the ass. If you are only planning to use the plug, then it is better to start from the smallest one, with a diameter of no more than 1.5-2 cm. Enter better lying down, while trying to relax as much as possible. Larger plugs of 6-7 cm go as dilators for the anus. Suitable for more experienced partners who have long enjoyed traffic jams.

Distinguish such objects and in appearance of the surface. On sale can be found with a smooth surface, and with a ribbed. The smooth surface is suitable for beginners and for more gentle sensations. The ribbed surface is designed for stronger stimulation. Such traffic jams are best used by people who have enough experience in such.

Such items are often made from soft materials: latex, medical rubber, leather, etc. This material helps to avoid microcracks and other damage around the anus. Since anal skin is very delicate, extra care is required.

Additionally, these toys can have vibration, which is even more stimulation and increases pleasure. Perhaps, even better if you combine it with cooking for your date. Such plugs can be used not only as an anal plug, but also as a vaginal plug. However, a very important point you cannot use the same tube. It is necessary to have a separate stopper for the anus and for the vagina, in order to avoid infection or inflammation. Or in a pinch, constantly use a condom. Do not forget about the fact that such an item is a personal thing, so do not transfer it to other persons, but use it strictly on an individual basis.

This Cosmopolitan article gives a list of butt plugs for beginners.

What is the use of anal plug?

In fact, the benefits of wearing an anal plug are much greater than it might seem at first glance. In some cases, such a sex toy is recommended even by gynecologists. Sometimes, after childbirth, there is too much distance between the walls of the vagina, due to which it is very difficult to enjoy sex. The use of this toy helps to significantly narrow the vaginal wall due to the fact that the anal space is filled.

Some people prefer to wear a cork all the time, as this gives them pleasure. Others, are already so accustomed to that they cannot do without it. Also, the plug is worn for training anal muscles and quick arousal, like some kind of prelude.

There are additional advantages to using the plug:

  • Facilitate childbirth. Trained muscles of the anus can facilitate childbirth and are the prevention of the occurrence of hemorrhoids (since at the time of birth there is a strong strain of the anus, then the occurrence of cracks). Using a plug helps pump the anal muscles, which helps to avoid such trouble.
  • Reducing pain in prostate. Here, the stopper performs the function of a kind of massager, which allows to relieve the attacks of the disease and reduce pain.
  • Excellent prevention of hemorrhoids in both men and women. Frequent wearing of an adult toy trains the muscles of the anus, improves blood circulation, it is much more effective than any exercise, because more than one exercise is not able to pump through these muscles;
  • Additional prostate stimulation or prostate massage. A man who has tried such a massage at least once in his life will never refuse him.

Due to such stimulation, the orgasm is much brighter and richer, erection and arousal occur faster, it was noticed that the penis becomes slightly larger in size, due to the strongest filling with blood. Also, the woman’s orgasm becomes richer and longer.

Couples who have been using anal plug for a long time have noted that sexual intercourse lasts longer, more vivid sensations and desire than before using the plug. Such products are good stimulants for sexual attraction, especially for those partners who have long been together and have lost their savor and variety in sex.

There are no differences between a female or male plug. Some couples liked the glass butt plug from Loveplugs so much that they use it in traditional sex. In addition to sexual pleasure, it was noted that the butt plug perfectly restores prostate function, helps to avoid premature impotence.

Psychologists say that such sex toys not only liberate partners, but spiritually bring them together, because quality sex is not the last item in a stable and strong relationship. For those who have been married for a long time, and have lost their former spark, such a toy becomes a kind of common hobby that helps to return the interest and desire of partners in relation to each other.