How to Find the Right Prostate Stimulator

To find the prostatic sex toy the most adapted to your crazy sex life and your anatomy, several important criteria must be taken into account. The subject of the prostate plug, the form or even the proposed functions are all elements to check before purchase to be sure to have fun! How often can you massage your prostate? Let’s find out the answer here.

Prostate “U”: the 100% pleasure form

Prostate stimulators are most often designed in the same way: a rounded shape allowing easy insertion into the anal orifice. Thus presented, the anal sex toy will more easily reach this famous point-P, the secret area that delivers a powerful orgasm.

From silicone to PVC

Prostate materials generally combine softness and ease of insertion. You will find prostatic sex toys made of very soft silicone, very colorful Jelly, very nice TPR or very rigid PVC.

How to use my prostate stimulator?

In order to achieve prostate penetration smoothly and pleasantly, your sex shop offers you valuable advice.

Cleaning: a crucial step before & after use

First of all, it is important to clean his anal sex toy with a suitable cleaner. Many types of sex toys cleanser exist but it is a product that should not be overlooked. Before and after using a prostate plug, we strongly advise you to clean it.

Prostate stimulators: neutral colors

Prostate stimulators come in a variety of colors. You will find red and white sex toys but the dominant, neutral and masculine color remains black.

Prostate Stimulators: A Delicious Option!

Of vibrating prostate stimulators are now available on the market and used to support the already pleasant prostatic massage. The vibrations will vibrate your orifice If you have a vibrating prostate stimulator, activate the vibrations and feel your orifice vibrate.

Lubricant: an important detail

Once your prostate stimulator is operational, apply a few drops of water-based lubricant to allow a delicious insertion. Indeed, this area can be a little contracted, it is better to ask a boost to this product specifically designed for this.

A condom on my prostate stimulator

The use of condoms during the use of sex toys ensures a better longevity to the product. This does not relieve you of a thorough and regular cleaning.

Sitting position for better integration

In order to insert your prostate stimulator completely, prefer the sitting position. Indeed, the U-shape of your anal sex toy will more easily find the way to your prostate.

Total insertion for total pleasure!

In order to fully enjoy every inch of this anal sex toy, we advise you to insert it in full (at least, the insert able part). Having been created for this, it would be a shame not to use 100% penetrable capacity of this prostate accessory. Let the tip of your prostatic sex toy touch that sensitive part of your body. With prolonged contact, you will feel the urge to urinate and watch your penis achieve a strong erection. Add a hand job at this particular moment and let the pleasure gradually rise to the explosion.

Keeping your prostate plug in a secret place

For better longevity of the anal sex toy, keep it in a cool, dry place, out of sight and dust.

The benefits of prostate stimulation

In addition to the pleasure dimension associated with the use of a sex toy, the prostate stimulator has significant virtues for your health. Indeed, regular use of a sex toy adapted to your prostate will result in significant benefits and mitigates the adverse effects associated with a prostate disease.

Functions of the prostate gland

The main function of the prostate lies in the production of seminal fluid.

Prostate, Gland as big as a chestnut

The prostate is a gland belonging to the male body, located under the bladder and surrounding the urethra. It has the shape of a chestnut, measures about 3 cm side and weighs 20 grams.

Prostatic diseases

The prostate is 1st on the sad podium of male cancers. The earlier it is detected, the lower the risks, especially since the cancer remains in the prostate zone and rarely extend.

Prostate stimulation: a taboo practice reserved for homosexuals?

No, long associated with homosexual relations, prostatic stimulation is nowadays more practiced among heterosexual couples. This summary comes from the fact that in homosexual relations, the anal dimension is stronger and that a man looking for pleasure via his anus (and not via penetration and ejaculation) would necessarily have some homosexual inclinations. Furthermore, in our society, the anus is often associated with dirt and not as a zone delivering pleasure. Many people do not consider a stimulation of the prostate because this area seems to them reserved for physiological needs.

A Cosmopolitan article talks about basic prostate stimulation and fingering. Read it now!

Prostate: Zone of Powerful Orgasm

Rather taboo, the use of prostate stimulators is not yet yesterday and allows men to discover vast pleasures. Prostate orgasm is indeed perceived as a true inner feeling, against ejaculation that usually goes outward. Men who have experienced this type of orgasm report are being somewhat confused by feeling. To achieve such pleasure, prostatic stimulation can be done manually or with the aid of sex toys designed for this purpose.

To overcome these last hypotheses, it is always important (when we do this couple) to talk. Expressing yourself, expressing your feelings during stimulation is important because it also works as a catalyst. Be careful not to play too much with your sex, because it might ejaculate with pleasure and not thanks to the massage. The 2 orgasms are very different even if the purpose is ejaculation.

To discover prostatic orgasm

You must know your anatomy and take the time to find your prostate. Do not quickly jump into casual sex. The initial idea is not to want to have sexual stimulation, but more to know where this gland is located. So, have some light flirtation with yourself. Prostate orgasm is not necessarily accompanied by ejaculation so there is no problem if you do not have one. All that matters is to have fun.

When starting out, the best position to adopt is to lie on your knees and feet flat on the bed. Relax, insert a finger and once the prostate is found, make movements “come over here” with your finger. This is the same movement you would do to stimulate your partner’s G-spot.