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The human prostate is under the bladder, around the urethra. It is accessed only by the anal route. The prostate is an erogenous zone, sometimes called the P-point, its stimulation with a finger, the penis or a sex toy, provides a pleasant, variable for each individual, but which is often closely related to the erotic situation, for example, a prostate touch medical, not erotic, remains insensitive. A man testifies that it is always amazing to see ejaculate without any stimulation of the penis. This practice is commonly used in medical settings among quadriplegics who have the insensitive penis, to obtain sperm for later procreation.

Prostatic orgasm is differently perceived by men: some like a lot, others moderately, others not at all. And that can change in time, even according to the partners. The anal area and the anus are also very sensitive, and men invest it as an erogenous zone, others do not. There is no normality, we are different, and it is human diversity.

Is it the equivalent of G-spot in women?

Although we do not have scientific certainty, we have favorable elements: the female prostate is recognized by the Ficat (International Federation of Anatomy) following their student handbook. In almost all women, the level of PSA (prostate marker) increases significantly in the urethra after orgasm. For more than half of women, the female prostate is located around the urethra at the bottom, near the urinary meatus. In this configuration, the female prostate is stimulated at the entrance of the vagina; it is the G-spot that can bring great pleasure. But for nearly 40% of women, the prostate is either at the top, to the bladder, or too small to be functional. In this configuration, G-spot stimulation provides little or no pleasure.

There is little talk of the point P. Is it because anal pleasure in humans is still taboo? Why?

Under the strong influence of the sexologists, only the vaginal penetration was admitted because reproductive. Other practices, such as reciprocal masturbation and sodomy, were used as contraceptives and repressed by sexologists. The fact that the anus is the sphincter of feces can generate reluctance of a hygienic nature. We do not know the percentage of men who really appreciate. If it is weak, it could be an explanation.

Technically, how to reach a prostatic orgasm?

The prostate is an internal structure, unprotected by an epidermis, so fragile. Its stimulation must be gentle: beware of contending nails! By introducing a finger about two thirds into the anus, we perceive a small ball on the anterior part of the rectum. The massage of the prostate, light at the beginning then a little fast while remaining soft, can entail an erection then an ejaculation with orgasm.

What does a prostatic orgasm look like?

It is very variable depending on the individual. It seems to me that for straight people, it’s more of a fun experience, diversity. Many testify that prostatic orgasm is rather less intense than an orgasm with penis stimulation. For some homos, during sodomy, anal pleasure combined with prostatic orgasm is the pinnacle of pleasure.

Why even today anal sexuality is not followed or preferred by all?

Difficult to answer, there are few studies on this subject. In the, 35% of women have tried sodomy, only 11% practice it regularly, a percentage that has remained practically unchanged for 30 years. And some prefer sodomy to vaginal penetration! Unlike the porn message, sodomy is not for everyone, and you have to respect that.

Why such diversity in behaviors?

There is probably a psychological part: hygienic fear, low erotic investment, etc. But there are probably also physiological reasons: for many women, sodomy is painful, for example, many porn actresses use anesthetic creams during filming scenes with sodomy! Would there be a physiological variation in the dilation capacity of the anus in the ability to relax? More innervated anuses than others?

The presence of hemorrhoids is a source of pain, the presence of internal hemorrhoids? We have a few answers. There is probably also favorable know-how insufficiently known: sodomy requires good lubrication, for example with the rimming, and especially a first very slow penetration, up to a minute, so as not to activate the protective reflex, that is to say, the constriction, source of pain.

If, during the first anal penetration, pleasure is present but a little pain hinders, make some very slow movements and then come out again. After lubrication, the second penetration is often better tolerated, even appreciated, because the pain has given way to pleasure. We have no explanation for this phenomenon. Some even like the feeling of anal penetration using butt plugs while gaming.

Men can reach 2 different orgasms:

Penile orgasm associated with ejaculation – the best known of the 2,

Prostate orgasm – when the prostate is stimulated.

Adventurers in the soul, this search is made for you! Find clues in this article and try to find a treasure buried in your body for years. The prostate is located only in humans, the point P is an orgasm reserved for gentlemen. The subject still taboo in our current society, the correct lubricant and the best prostate butt plugs will do everything possible to allow you to open this small orgasmic door!

This Article of Black Doctor claims that males have more than 2 types of orgasms.

Gland containing the seminal fluid, the prostate is located under the bladder, at the front of the rectum. It’s a gland the size of a walnut. It produces the fluids that will help with ejaculation. Good news is that orgasm with point P can be multiple. This means that you can have several orgasms in a row. She is not beautiful life?

The effects

Men are witnessing a deeper orgasm, almost an ecstasy, probably close to female orgasm, it breaks waves, or burns the body with pleasure.

How to achieve it?

To stimulate the prostate, you have to touch it. For this, only one way is available to you: the digital rectal examination. Do not worry; this touch can be done in different ways:

With your fingers but more difficult than with a sex toy: With a sex toy adapted to this use. It can be inserted into your anus by yourself or your partner. Experts recommend the 2nd option, much more exciting! There are now many brands of sex toys offering toys dedicated to straight men who want to discover new sensations.